Friday, March 18, 2011

joy of luck: day 2


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green is the symbolic color for newness, beginnings, spring and life...

my organic seed was planted a few year ago, when drew transitioned from formula to milk. at that point, I was only buying organic milk and occasionally organic strawberries if they were available or i made a special trip to central market (when we lived in the metroplex). organics were probably readily available in other categories, but i hadn’t noticed or understood the environmental impact...until now.

and i thought for sure our selection would be very limited our here in the wild wild west without a whole foods or central market, but i’ve been amazed at the variety of products available at United and HEB. and really they aren’t that much more, but a premium i’m learning and willing to accept for chemical free.


good read alert: the president cancer panel released a report a few years ago, reducing environmental cancer risk. below is a thought provoking and disheartening quote from the report regarding our involuntary exposure to chemicals used in agriculture.

“I believe it is time for a new human experiment. The old experiment…is that we have sprayed pesticides which are inherent poisons…throughout our shared environment. They are now in amniotic fluid. They’re in our blood. They’re in our urine. They’re in our exhaled breath. They are in mothers’ milk….What is the burden of cancer that we can attribute to this use of poisons in our agricultural system?...We won’t really know the answer until we do the other experiment, which is to take the poisons out of our food chain, embrace a different kind of agriculture, and see what happens.” ~ SANDRA STEINGRABER, ITHACA COLLEGE

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