Friday, March 11, 2011

if we all go grün…

we can heal our planet, feed the world and keep us safe. it’s a win win.

and for my six lovely commentors on the inaugural post -- you ALL win win a copy of Organic Manifesto. it’s just that worthy and provoking.

we’re expected to have gorgeous spring weather this weekend, so i’m hoping to win win some time working in the garden. i need to give my new black eyed susan vine (thanks molly!) a home, and i see an organic container herb garden with basil and thyme in my future.



erica copy


  1. i am with you. larry has been trying to get me to see this for 30 years. the great thing is, the more i learn about cooking, the more i love about unprocessed foods. now, you are encouraging me to not get lazy, and to keep learning more. i need to learn at least enough, so that i will be trusted to feed my grandchildren.

  2. My boys are the biggest proponents of all things green that I know of. They have taught me to be extremely conscious and proactive in food, cleaning products, recycling, etc. It is really exciting once you get into it. We can all learn more no matter how old we are.