Sunday, March 6, 2011

could a book change your life?

Maybe the sleep deprivation is really setting in.

Maybe the timing is just right.

Maybe I’m feeling the need to be more accountable to my little ones and their future.

And maybe my husband just turned three shades of green with all this organic, farming and eco speak.

But after reading Real Food and Organic Manifesto, I’ve been rocked to the core and [it’s about time] inspired to make changes in the way we live. Some easy changes, some not so easy changes and some things we’re not yet willing to change. Regardless, this is a blog about our family’s eco-challenge.

A journey to learn and live with more environmental responsibility.

My hope is this journey will be fulfilling and motivating so that we might all make a small impact to collectively have a big impact.

So here goes…

erica copy


ps. “a heart of green” wasn’t available on blogger, so I’ve continued the Deutsch theme from haus von yarger. thus, a heart of grün is born. danke fürs lesen (thanks for reading)!


  1. thank you for sharing your new found knowledge with us all.

  2. So excited to hear how we can all live better and healthier - the main reason? for that little face on your blog - our future - we need to leave them a Earth well kept and a healthy life! CAn't wait to read all you have discovered!