Friday, August 5, 2011

stroll for safety: august 10

Are you tired of trying to find safe products for your family? It seems every week we learn about a new toxic chemical in our home. Hormone-disrupting chemicals in household cleaners, toxic plastic toys and hazardous chemicals in car seats and nursing pillows. It’s sad that we would need to carry “products to avoid” lists when shopping. I think we can all agree that chemicals should be proven safe before they end up on the shelf and in our homes.

Next Wednesday, August 10, in support of the Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families coalition, moms across the country will join together for a National Day of Action, pushing strollers, to make a very important point:

We shouldn’t have to worry about toxic chemicals in our homes, drinking water and environment!

Because of the extreme weather conditions, A Heart of Green and The Grace Museum have coordinated an indoor “stroller brigade” for all Big Country supporters of this mom-led movement. Please join us in the Children Museum (2nd Floor) from 10am – noon to show your support for increased protections from toxic chemicals found in many consumer products.

This is not a statement of endurance, simply a come-and-go social to fill out postcards, let the kids dress up in capes (to make the point that we need superheroes in Congress to protect our health), and generally have some fun for a good cause.

Let’s make it loud and clear that we need Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, Senator John Cornyn and Representative Randy Neugebauer to be Texas heroes by co-sponsoring the Safe Chemicals Act of 2011 to protect us from chemicals linked to cancer, birth defects, asthma and other serious illnesses.


Join moms in our area to show support for a toxic-free future!

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  1. Love it! Can't wait to hear the outcome. SO proud of you and all your efforts! :)

  2. Totally agree, Australians face the same challenges, sadly it seems mums need to rally for change as there are so many home products that are not only bad for the environment but unhealthy for shouldn't be all about company and government profits put first ... Great blog :)