Friday, April 22, 2011

taking a stand…


for g’s sake!

because every day should be Earth Day, i ‘m excited to announce that little miss will be a “gBaby” wearing the eco-friendly gCloth Diapers as soon as next week!!

a few months ago, josh and I had a conversation about cloth diapers. despite our eco-challenge, it just wasn’t a transition we were willing or ready to entertain. however, after tons of research, much debate and moderate feelings of guilt every time i put a chemical-laden disposable into our genie (that will sit in a landfill for the next 500 years +), we are ready to take the plunge.

the initial investment is substantial, no doubt. but considering she’ll be in diapers for another 2 years, it will be well worth it financially and environmentally…to the tune of more than ONE THOUSAND dollars in my pocket and approximately FIVE THOUSAND less diapers in a land fill!!


i was concerned that day care wouldn’t oblige, but they were surprisingly supportive. so, similar to the cw project of baby led weaning, i’ll post our progress and all the dirty clean details as we embark on another green journey.

what about big brother?

well, he is already in potty training mode. so we’re probably not going to take the cloth challenge for him. but, we have switched to seventh generation diapers that are chlorine, fragrance and latex free, but not so easy to find locally.

geez, i think that’s enough potty talk for one day!


do you have any special plans or projects for Earth Day?

if so, share you act to save the earth at


have a wonderful holiday weekend!!

erica copy

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